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x0.5 (twice as fast)





Max Player Level


Max Wild Dino Level


Max Tamed Dino Level

+151 (5x faster than Humen)

Max Slots

20 (increasing when necessary)

§1 No hacking, cheating or exploiting

Do not abuse bugs or try to trick the game in any way.

§2 No griefing

While PVP can be fun and you can indeed raid to take what you need, you may not completely remove bases without a reason. Just don't be a jerk.

§3 Have fun

Simply enjoy the game!

How to join?

Simply click the "Start Sanctuary" button on the right side and choose to open with Steam. Should this way not work for you, you can alternatively add "" manually to your favourites. Go to Steam -> View -> Server -> Favourites -> Add Server then start ARK and look for your favourites servers (bottom left dropdown in serverlist).

Why was this server made?

Really tired of looking for new servers, because admins were simply unprofessional my tribe and me needed a place to finally settle down and build up without fearing the next wipe or power abusing admins.

What does PVPVE mean?

Here it means playing in a friendly community, yet you better don't be a pest - they have weapons! If this suits your desire you are more than welcome to join. While you have the ability to raid other tribes and loot what you need, you can also put yourself into alliances and have fun to enjoy the PVE side of the game helping each other. Basicially anything is possible.

What is Sanctuary?

A safe place for those who struggle in the outlands... No unnecessary wipes, no experimenting a new mod every 2nd day and mess things up for everyone, no inactive, powerabusing or clueless admins. This place exists to provide fair play.

Who is administrating?

This server is made by a professional qualified IT guy with programming skill. Also experienced in community management and modding private MMORPG servers such as Ragnarok Online and World of Warcraft in the past, hosting ARK seemed to be the perfect challenge right now.
coming soon...
You can download all the Mods you need for Sanctuary by clicking the name to open the Mod's Steam website, then login to steam and click on the green button to "subscribe". When you start ARK steam will automaticially start downloading and installing your subscribed mods.
This mod allows you to build wonderful gardens in your settlement. You can "plant" anything from rocks, bushes to trees.
Upgrade of Metal structures with glass elements. Same stats as metal structures. Build amazing glass bases to enjoy your view.
Adds many immersive structures to the game, such as but not limited to Dinosaur/Behemoth ceiling gates, several cages, small vaults and many more.
Simply stack more items in one slot.
Entering these zones you are protected from PVP. You will find them in game in certain places made for the sanctuary community or events.
Tired of seeing those unworthy lights of crap loot glowing? Beacons/airdrops are redone on this server, so it's worth the effort to have a look in. Loot can include Blueprints for higher quality armor and many other lovely things if you get lucky enough.
Tired of abusing or useless admins I said "I'm gonna make my own server now... with Blackjack and Hookers!". Unfortunately I didn't find a Blackjack mod, yet. However... NUDES! Nudes everyhwere!
Please feel free to leave a message for Sanctuary Administration here. Questions and feedback are always welcome!


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